Russian Athlete Leaves for Seoul After Failed Doping Test

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea — The Russian athlete who won a bronze medal in curling at the Winter Olympics has traveled to the South Korean capital, Seoul, to await the results of a second drug test and will depart the country should his failed test be confirmed.

Alexander Krushelnytsky’s failed preliminary doping test puts in jeopardy his medal and Russia’s efforts to move past a vast state-backed cheating scheme that left it nominally barred from the Games.

Krushelnytsky competed in mixed doubles curling with his wife. He is the first athlete from Russia to come under investigation for using a banned substance in Pyeongchang.

Traces of meldonium, a heart medicine that increases blood flow and has been banned from most sports since 2016, were found in a routine urine sample. A second test will be conducted to confirm the finding, according to a statement from an organization representing Olympic Athletes From Russia, the designation given to more than 160 Russian athletes who had been cleared to compete at the Games under that name.

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